Dream Meaning of Playing With Fire

flame dream meaning

Have you ever thought of waking up from sleep after feeling scared seeing the fire in your sleep? All the smoke surrounds the environment and sometimes burns everything, destruction in seconds without knowing what to do, and you wake up with fear!

A scary dream, right? But, do you know what it means to dream about fire? You can be sure because that won’t always be a cause for concern with bad signs.

Most of the time, the dream meaning of fire refers to our emotional control. It might also indicate destruction and anger. But take it easy, let’s look at the definition of light in different dream contexts one by one.

Dream of seeing a flame

The dream of seeing fire can show you knowledge about the way you should take it soon. In the dream world, watching fire can symbolize attention to the problems and decisions you have to make. It is a significant step because we all want to be level-headed to go the right way, right?

Dream of fire at home

The dream meaning of fire towards home signifies jealousy. It is the primary meaning that comes when you see a fire into the house. Your subconscious warns you with dreams of houses clad in light.

What’s more important than this dream is paying attention to the people around you. All falsehood arises from people who want to overthrow you or take your place without you knowing it. The fire around the house is a display of destruction disguised as friendship, consuming every last part of everything that has been built up from time to time.

Dream of a campfire

The dream meaning of a campfire that feels hot and burns the whole environment reflects the light in your eyes. In the dream world, this … Read the rest