10 Clay Dream Interpretation

Clay Dream Interpretation

According to the story, the first humans were created from clay. Incidentally or not, dreaming of clay shows a lot of our health and relationships with others. It is as if the clay where we came from signals to us the need to look after ourselves and find better things.

Dreams about clay can be a good sign of love. The meaning of earth can also be a sign that you need to pay attention to your health and other things. To know what this dream means, keep in mind in your mind even after you wake up. Below are some interpretations that can give clues.

Dream of brown clay

The dream meaning of brown clay generally represents a relationship that makes you risk losing your identity. You might stop being who you are. It is far more common in love relationships, but not infrequently friends also spend energy or overly protective family members.

Brown clay signifies that you feel pressured and unappreciated. This kind of relationship will never be healthy. Try to talk and show how you feel. Love can never be good and develop if it continues to be forced.

On the other hand, in some cultures, the dream of brown clay is a sign that your immune system is relatively low, and the disease will attack. Therefore, you must always maintain health with a healthy lifestyle.

Dream of a clay floor

Dreams about floors made of clay symbolize life setbacks. You often learn and utilize something terrible. Dreaming of a clay floor shows that you have a strong tendency to accept the failures and losses that sometimes occur in your life.

The problem starts when this acceptance becomes conformism, and everything that is wrong with you becomes normal and even becomes part of your routine. Do … Read the rest