14 Mattress Dream Interpretation

Mattress Dream Interpretation

When we feel so tired, we might lay our bodies on a comfortable mattress. If we are sleepy, the thing we think about is sleep, and this is very tight with the mattress. It’s the base where we spend our nights with dreams. Dreams about beds are weird dreams, unless you are a mattress trader.

This tool is essential to make us comfortable. In the dream world, mattresses represent the desire to be in a quieter place. It also symbolizes that you want to enter a more mature phase. Of course, a bed in a dream has many meanings, and this depends on the conditions in your dream.

Dream of seeing a mattress

The dream of seeing a mattress can symbolize that you want security and stability, both at work or even in a relationship. This dream marks the phase of your life more mature. You realize that you need to be careful when it comes to security.

Dream of lying on a bed

When you dream of lying on a bed, this indicates that you are reaching a challenging goal—lying on the couch, you do when you feel tired, and you reach the end and your work. Read more dream of buying a bed.

Dream of buying a mattress

A mattress can symbolize a new phase of maturity that comes into your life. Thus, the dream of buying a mattress carries this symbolism. You become more mature, and new responsibilities will emerge. It might make you scared at first, but try to see that the more responsibilities you have to face, the more evolution you will live.

Dream of selling a mattress

The dream of selling a mattress signifies a warning that you are facing this stage of maturity very well. However, you know that some responsibilities … Read the rest