8 Magic Dream Interpretation

Magic Dream Interpretation

The dreams about magic, as you see in many horror films. Magic can be used for good, but it can also be used for evil; people call it black magic. Therefore, the dream meaning of magic will also depend on yourself or who did the magic.

Generally, magicians chanted spells according to their intended purpose. Black magic has the goal of harming others, while white magic intends warding off evil. Therefore, this image in sleep is also associated with dreams about witches and evil shamans.

Dreaming about magic symbolizes sensitivity to your perceptions. Your intuition speaks clearly to tell you what you have to do for kindness. It is also useful for improving communication in social relationships.

Dreaming about magic presents a scene that transcends time and matter with its infinite mystery. To get to know more about your dreams, here are some types of dreams about magic. You can see which one fits your vision.

Dream of doing magic

When you learn to do magic, this dream talks about your discoveries in specific fields. If you know to improve yourself at work or school, you will acquire new knowledge, and you will get significant results in your career.

Dream of failing to do magic

When you dream of doing magic but fail, this indicates that now is not the right time to solve specific topics in your life. Everything has its time, and even magic power can’t help you at that time.

Dream of seeing someone doing magic

When you dream of seeing someone doing magic, this will depend on who that person is. If it is someone you know, then this indicates that good news will come to you. The joy will be part of your next life. If a stranger is doing magic, you have to … Read the rest