10 Witch Dream Interpretation

Witch dream interpretation

Wizard and witch are part of famous figures as evil; their relationship with black power is also striking. They have skills that sometimes use them for evil, although this is not always the case.

The dream meaning of a witch depends on the feeling that permeates your dream. In the following lines, you will understand better.

Dream of seeing a witch

To make a correct interpretation of this dream, you must understand what you see. Magic shamans often have bad connotations in the popular imagination, but this picture has changed, and depending on what you see or how you think, the interpretation can be different.

If you see an evil witch or you are afraid of seeing a wizard, this indicates a problem at home or work. If you have your own business, be careful about investing or dealing with partnerships. But if the shaman has done something right or you feel happy seeing him, unlike the previous signs, dreaming about a witch can mean a good sign and a period of prosperity.

Dream of a friend being a witch

The dream that a friend becomes a witch or an acquaintance becomes a psychic, and this can indicate that someone you trust tries to manipulate you according to your wishes.

These people will become witches in real life, even though they are not real, but because the witch is a black symbol, this indicates that certain people are trying to use you for their purposes. Be careful and pay attention to how open you are to people you can trust. However, don’t be suspicious of everyone and everything, keep your eyes open.

Dream of meeting a witch

When you meet a group of witches, it shows that you have been struck by blizzard due to the people who use you. … Read the rest