9 Waterfall Dream Interpretation

waterfall dream meaning

Water is so equivalent to light, so the dream meaning of waterfalls leads to the symbolism that water has. But certain elements also need to be taken into account, such as the movement of water. It is an essential point for us to see from the right perspective about dreams with waterfalls.

This information has migrated between each of us as individuals, creating a collective unconscious, a common way of understanding images that transform symbols. It sends messages that are universally accepted by each individual. For example, archetypes of waterfalls express cleanliness and purification.

Dream about a dirty waterfall

Dreaming of a dirty or murky waterfall, this means you have been trapped emotions. It is these emotions that make your feelings burst into complete darkness. Waterfalls flow because our feelings must flow so we can stay healthy. Suppressing these feelings and hiding what you feel will hurt your health.

You have to say everything you feel or think. When feelings flow, this removes pain and revenge. So don’t let bad experiences or others affect your well-being. It is the time when your soul needs good energy and positivism.

Dreams about waterfalls and the sea

It is a representation of your family life, tension, and connectivity with those who have ties or consider it a family. If the sea and waterfall show calm waters, this symbolizes that a period of peace and balance appears in your family. You are well connected, so there is no misunderstanding in communication.

However, if the water is choppy, this is a dispute or debate that can cause fatigue in family relationships. In this case, try measuring words and avoiding stress. Family is the only thing we have, and even when we think it is the source of trouble, your family is your clan.

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