16 Hands Dream Interpretation

Hands Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of your hands represents something about your relationship with what is around you, especially in the work area. Often, our hands are a form of communication according to their movements. The swing of the hand can symbolize language, and this is what reflects the dream about the hand.

Dreams about hands also depend on the conditions. If your dream focuses on the left hand, this leads to a more delicate part. If you see your right hand, this dream is a sign of your masculine side. Even so, this is not the conclusion. There are still many possibilities for this dream, and it depends on the context that occurs in your sleep. Therefore, you need to evaluate how the hands appear in your dreams. It makes you get a more accurate explanation.

Dream of seeing your hands

When those hands are yours, this dream is a sign that you must be grateful. It’s because you use your hands to work with everything. When this happens, you can see how the hands affect your life. Many times you act like this with many people or things around you. Therefore, you must be grateful for everything that is part of life and help you become a better person.

Dream of seeing someone else’s hand

It would help if you considered that other people’s hands could show intimacy. This dream can be related to the concept of giving or receiving. It’s a message of how you open yourself to others, let them give love, and you may need more than you think.

Dream with dirty hands

Dreams with dirty hands indicate that you have made a mistake. Dirt in hand represents falsehood. When you shake your dirty side, it shows that there are friends around you who are mean. You may not … Read the rest