11 Bridge Dream Interpretation

bridge dream meaning

A bridge is a work that people build to connect two points separated by a waterway or land. Dreaming of a bridge, symbolically has the same function, connecting two places or two things, a guide to crossing obstacles.

Bridges represent a critical intersection that separates decisions from the consequences of your actions and how this can disrupt your life and people. The dream meaning of a bridge depends on specific details that we need to consider, such as the condition and where the bridge leads. These are details that provide important clues to finding the best interpretation for your dream.

Among the possible meanings of dreams about bridges, it is possible to state that in general, a deck is a good sign and good luck.

Dreams are often messages from the subconscious that warn us of small facts that we don’t pay attention to, or during the day, or even something you can unconsciously understand, but somehow, it’s your brain or even your spirit.

Dream of crossing a bridge

It is a sign of success and a tremendous and exciting achievement. Crossing the bridge, regardless of its condition, although it is in ruins, it indicates that you have won. Your dream is yours and the way to get there too.

Dream of an iron bridge

It is a bridge that is strong and safe. The road is ready, and happiness awaits you. But as with any trip, keep your attention, even the best-paved ways can have several holes.

Dream of a wooden bridge

The wooden bridge is so simple and not too sturdy, although this can get you where you want it. But take it easy. Be careful and don’t refrain from looking closely at the structures and pillars. What about the condition of the wood on the bridge? Take … Read the rest