Swan Dream Interpretation

Swan Dream Interpretation

Dream about a swan represents matter and beauty. Poultry in this dream also signifies that you have to be careful. A swan also shows a need for healing. This dream can symbolize some of the changes coming soon and asks you to be ready to welcome them. The swan also symbolizes gossip. You may tend to gossip about other people or even make nasty comments behind their backs for your benefit.

The swan is a symbol of fertility or motherhood. You may crave love from your mother if you don’t have maternal instincts. The presence of a magnificent swan in a dream indicates that it is time to relax and take a vacation.

Dreaming about a swan is a sign that you have to avoid overeating because this can gain weight. If you see a swan flapping its wings, it means good luck and prosperity in the future. There are so many dream meanings of the swan. Here are some dreams in various contexts.

Dream of a swan in the water

If you dream that a swan appears in the water, this signifies good luck. Your life will change well. If you see a flock of wild swan swimming, this means that change will not come soon, and you must try to achieve it.

Dream of a white swan

If you dream of a white swan, it is a sign of happiness and purity of feelings. If the swan is enormous, it will show you how to avoid enemies. Some people try to hurt you, but you can come out unscathed, and this conflict will not affect your work or social relationships. Conversely, if you see a large swan in your house, this indicates misfortune and is a sign of dissatisfaction. If a swan is swimming in the pool, this … Read the rest