8 Suicide Dream Interpretation

Suicide Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about suicide represents something that is not easy for us to deal with. As such, dreams about suicide are linked to death itself, and this usually brings fear.

Usually, this dream shows the impending difficulties. It could be a delay in resolving the problem. The important thing is not to let this get worse, and it will become something more complicated. Dreaming about suicide brings challenges into your life. It is also related to the learning that you can get by mastering the situation and being successful in solving problems.

However, it would help if you also remembered that this is not the only meaning. This dream often comes in a different context. Any variation in your dreams can indicate that there are other possible interpretations.

Dream of seeing someone commit suicide

When you see someone commit suicide, this is a nightmare. This dream can show your fear because of an unpleasant situation that poses a threat. It’s time to make an effort and try to handle whatever comes boldly.

Dream that you want to kill yourself

This dream can be a desire that makes your spirits decrease. It happens because you feel attached to a condition without having the prospect of real change. This dream becomes a symbol of seeking freedom. However, you should know that dreams are not suggestions for doing this kind of thing. Thus, you must pay attention to what makes you depressed, and you need to make significant changes.

The dream about suicide itself is a quest to get rid of something that is bothering you. It shows that you are hiding guilt. You need to find a way to reverse this situation, even if it’s through a simple apology. You have to let go of guilt because you won’t always be able to … Read the rest