13 Blanket Dream Interpretation

Blanket Dream Interpretation

A blanket in a dream symbolizes warmth and protection. It can also show the sympathy you radiate. This cloth refers to something that makes you feel more comfortable in difficult situations. You want to think that people accept your presence.

Dreaming about blankets also reflects your desire to hide from a situation. You seek some protection and try to pretend about your feelings. Something can make you feel embarrassed, and you need protection.

Also, blankets are a symbol of emotional warmth. If you feel threatened emotionally, you may seek comfort by placing something in the way. However, the various elements associated with dreams can change their meaning. You have to consider the condition of the blanket too.

Dream of an old blanket

If you dream of an old blanket, it signifies anxiety. You need to relax and stop being so tense. It shows your inability to trust someone. Things that come too fast tend to disappear quickly. This dream is a sign of a situation that you have been avoiding. You don’t focus on the problem you are facing.

The old blanket represents concerns about appearance. You are insincere, dramatic, and show the wrong emotions. You hardly find physical and mental balance.

Dream of a clean blanket

A clean blanket in a dream signifies that you will overcome discomfort and avoid illness. If you see a clean blanket in your dream, this indicates that there is good news on the way. If the mantle is clean and then dirty, it means hidden feelings of guilt and regrets that you need to fix. Dreams about clean blankets also show the excellent relationships you have with other people.

Dream of a white blanket

If you dream of a white blanket, this shows emotional contact in your life. You need to make changes … Read the rest