14 Smoke Dream Interpretation

Smoke Dream Interpretation

When there is smoke, there is fire, this saying we have often heard. Even so, dreaming of smoke will have many meanings. Almost everyone has dreamed of smoke, at least once in their lives.

In the dream world, smoke shows good meaning. This dream has a warning about things that will happen soon. You need to pay attention to the details that occur in this dream because each carries a different meaning, and several variations suggest special attention. Below are a few dreams about smoke.

Dream of seeing smoke

The dream of seeing smoke shows that you have high expectations, but you must do it very carefully to walk the right path. If you cannot see everything because of the smoke in your dreams, this dream indicates that you have difficulty achieving what you want.

This dream does not come to show you exactly where you need to go, although you have to keep going and never stop doing what you believe is right.

Dream about smoke coming from your nose

The dream of smoke coming out of your nose shows that your health is weak. It happens because you feel lazy, you don’t exercise, or you don’t do a healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait to maintain your health when your body is in critical condition.

Dream about smoke coming out of your mouth

Smoke coming out of your mouth indicates that you are freeing yourself from something that has been bothering you for some time. It can be around a person or an event. Besides, this is also closely related to situations involving work.

Dream about cigar smoke

If you see cigar smoke in a dream, it indicates that someone is trying to manipulate you. This person has a strong influence on you and is hiding something from you. … Read the rest