13 Nails Dream Interpretation

nail dream meaning
In real life, we have to take care of nails, and usually, this is related to the hands and feet. Long nails, trimmed or broken, each has its meaning in a dream nails. The language of dreams is from your subconscious, so the situation you see and the object you associate with it may have a deeper and more symbolic meaning than you can imagine if we don’t consider the whole context.

Many objects have images we can understand universally. For example, water to cleanse and quench thirst, trees produce fruit and shade, and telephones that we use to communicate and unite people. However, this same symbolism can carry bad meanings depending on how they manifest in our dreams.

The dream meaning of nails follows the same logic. It can range from personal determination and strength to fight for what you desire. Now that you understand a little about dream interpretation let’s move on to what brought you here. What does it mean to dream about nails?

Dream of hand nails

If you dream of seeing nails on your fingers, this is a sign that you might be defensive with people, maybe at work, but can refer to any social background.

However, dreaming of your nails can also mean that you have to work harder to achieve your expectations and have a bolder attitude when facing challenges that might confront you.

Dream of toenail

In general, dreams about toenails signify responsibility. Something you don’t like you need to do, and you might avoid this responsibility. You might feel upset about an individual situation. But believe, you can’t run from it forever.

Remember that everything is fleeting, including events and decisions that we must live and make. Don’t waver, have courage, and solve the problem.

Dream of nail-biting

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