8 Crow Dream Interpretation

Crow Dream Interpretation

Dreaming crows have a powerful mystical meaning. There are several strands of crows’ dreams, and all of them turned to the same side. The dream meaning of the crow is transformation, the death of several aspects in life until the rebirth of something new.

It does not have to mean death in life, but something that does not come to you. It is no longer useful to you or makes you suffer or prevents you from achieving your expectations.

This dream carries a message so that you are aware of what needs to be changed, what is no longer useful for you. That aspect makes you develop — everything in the world changes, including us, all the time.

Dream of seeing a crow

The meaning of seeing a crow is related to an awareness of change. Metaphorically, this means being aware of something, and the dream of seeing a crow is mindful of death from several aspects and the need to consciously build a new one. The point here is that there will be deconstruction from one character to another aspect of rebirth.

Dream of holding a crow

The meaning of holding a crow is a significant change in your life, the death of some aspect or something that no longer helps you to build a new one. Dreaming of holding a crow means you are carrying this change.

This dream is a good sign! Significant changes will come, but do not worry. The changes that come from this dream always mean something very good, it can be in your home, in your personal life, or even in your work life. You might not see it as a good chance at first. But it will bring a lot of happiness and harmony.

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