12 Crocodile Dream Interpretation

crocodile dream meaning

A crocodile is an animal that comes gently and in a fatal attack will catch its victim when he is off guard. The most common interpretation when dreaming of crocodiles is to live with fake people, who seem to be your friends, but who really can’t wait to hurt you. When you dream of a crocodile, chances are you have received a warning sign to be careful with your friendship.

But all dreams are complicated, and dreaming of a crocodile can also mean many other things. This dream about a crocodile can state that something or someone is bothering you. It might be a signal for you to face your fears, or in some cases, this is a little sign of financial success. It is essential that you always consider the dream context and how your life is so you can draw some conclusions.

But calm down, if you need help and don’t know what your dreams mean, here is support for you to understand them better! Below is a list that explains the meaning of crocodile dreams and possible variations on their interpretation:

Dream of a yellow crocodile

Dreaming of a yellow crocodile represents the fear you have, maybe discomfort with some changes in your life. It is a warning for you not to be overwhelmed by insecurity and anxiety. Everything will be fine, and it’s reasonable to find some changes at the start. Continue to do your best to get through the hard times!

Dream about a green crocodile

Dreaming of green or white crocodiles means financial success! You may go through a rapidly developing commercial phase, or you will soon experience this phase. This dream bodes well in your life, showing stability in finances. Enjoy this moment wisely!

Dream of a blue crocodile

The dream of a … Read the rest