15 Key Dream Interpretation

key dream meaning

What does it mean to dream about a key? Yes, dreams about keys usually mean something good. For example, your vision might bring news that you will receive a raise or an unexpected trip. Also, the meaning of the key in your sleep can be related to good things concerning feelings.

Now, you control your own emotions, and key symbols appear in your dreams. You can do what you want and find the best results from your choices. If you have a problem, this dream can be an indication that you can get out of the problem efficiently and quickly. Want to know more about the meaning of the key in a dream? Continue reading on this post!

Dream about car keys

Dreaming with car keys, motorbikes, or other vehicles shows that you need always to control everything. Sometimes, you can’t achieve something if it’s not under your domain.

Even so, always being in control may not be a good thing, especially when it comes to relationships. Always remember that you cannot rule everything.

Dream about a golden key

Dreaming of the golden key can mean you are an active person who has essential for every situation. It shows that you are very confident in what you can do and generally get good results in your actions. Being confident is the key to not being afraid, but over-confident can give you egocentric or even boomerang ideas.

Dream about a broken key

If the key that appears in your dream is broken, it is a sign that your relationship will end soon. It may be due to excessive control or lack of control, ties are broken, and some errors occur during the link.

Dreaming of a broken key can mean bad feelings. It is often related to feeling unable to realize … Read the rest