Swimming Pool Dream Interpretation

pool dream meaning

Each type of dream about swimming pools can show several different meanings. Therefore, we must carefully evaluate it so that we are not surprised by unexpected events. Usually, this kind of dream is related to good omen, bringing the best news to you.

We will see more about the meaning of dreams about swimming of all kinds, so you know what messages to remember.

Dream about a clean pool

Dreaming of a pool with clean water can mean a change in your life, so be prepared for significant changes. But don’t worry, this change might be okay, bring happiness into your life and help you complete your goals. Often, this dream comes to say that this turnaround will produce a lot of profit and professional success, making you successful and prosperous in your life.

Dream about dirty pools

It is a warning that comes to keep you alert because it shows that falsehood is all around you. So be careful of the people around you. Stay away from fake friendships or any personal interests so that you don’t get hurt. Stay close to real people that you fully trust. This dream can also show treason on your partner’s side, so beware of changes in habits or suspicious acting.

Dream of a big pool

This dream can mean two things, depending on the obstacles you face in everyday life who want your resolution. If you have financial problems, this is a warning from your subconscious not to continue the activities you want. Sometimes our efforts to achieve commercial success further delay our progress. So now it’s time to approach a new method for success.

Another possibility of this dream is when you experience love problems. However, in this case, it is a good thing because it shows that there is a … Read the rest