Mango Dream Interpretation

mango dream meaning

Mango is a favorite fruit of many people. This sweet fruit reminiscent of the ideal image of a tropical country. This conception is rooted in popular imagination, which symbolizes that dreaming of a mango represents something that is closely related to human sexuality.

Through mango dreams, we can get to know ourselves better, because dreams are often a perception of our subconscious seeing the world, and this subconscious has a unique language. Just as we communicate with words, gestures, and write, we interact with the symbolic language of images.

Africans, among other ancient civilizations, have this symbolic form of communication in hieroglyphics. It allows them to have more subjective spiritual and abstract.

Dreaming of mangoes, we can interpret them correctly, depending on how we realize this fruit unconsciously as a symbol. Well, just like a mango is a delicious fruit, so delightful is this fascinating world that we are now diving into.

Dream of seeing a mango

When you dream of seeing a mango, this is a secure sign of overcoming the problem. You will overcome some obstacles that are blocking you and prevent you from moving forward. Someone you least expect will help you win. If the mango in your dream seems small, it is a battle and lonely, but you will still win.

Dream of eating mangoes

Sweet fruit like pink mango, of course, if the mango in your dreams is fresh. Then the symbolism of this dream is your idealization and romance. You might wonder what it feels like or how it will become a romance with the person you love. If you share this mango with someone in your dreams, be happy. Your relationship has everything for you to complete. However, if the mango you eat tastes bitter, this represents a few missed opportunities, but … Read the rest