12 Gun Weapon Dream Interpretation

weapon dream meaning

The dream about weapons is a symbolic idea that represents the moment of our lives now. Every image that comes to mind has a representation of our intimate and emotional side. But do you know the true meaning of dreams about a gun?

Dreaming of weapons can express excellent and evil in your life, depending on your current state of mind.

A dream about a gun can symbolize an escape from your responsibilities and resistance and rebellion to change. The gun is attached to your aggressive side, an object that can hurt people around you, be it a melee weapon or a firearm.

The dream meaning of weapons also symbolizes our desire to achieve something far from our eyes. This dream represents the desire to achieve our goals, even if it is at an infinite distance.

If you have dreamed of several types of weapons, whether they are firearms, swords, machine guns, daggers, or whatever, be aware of what you are currently living.

Dream about firearms

This kind of dream might not be a good picture. The dream meaning of firearms can indicate some professional issues that must be addressed. Firearms, especially if they are in someone’s hands, give us ideas of aggression and violence to get what we want.

Feelings that connect dreams with firearms can be related to anger, protection, coercion, and power over others. If in that dream, you use a gun and shoot yourself, it shows your feeling of confidence and strength. But beware of this feeling, because if you don’t use it properly, like a weapon, it can end up hurting someone.

Dream about a shotgun

If you are dreaming of this weapon or someone is pointing it at you, it can indicate that you are trying to overcome obstacles in your professional and personal … Read the rest