13 Money Dream Interpretation

money dream meaning

Money is an integral part of life, though not the most romantic. Money itself in materiality is not a big problem, but what it can do for our families and us, this we cannot just ignore.

How to dream about money? Dreaming of paper money or coins that are indispensable as any dream theme, this will depend on the circumstances. The meaning of dreams about money is often proper, representing the arrival of good things. But there are some cases where it can reveal spiritual greed and poverty.

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Dream of seeing lots of money

These sweet dreams are not predictions of winning the lottery. It is a general prediction of victory. The meaning is that many good things emerge and allow for a more fortunate existence, whether in professional life or love. Just don’t let greed affect you. And don’t be disappointed when you wake up from this dream, you need more effort to achieve it.

Dream about paper money

Of course, dreaming of paper money bodes well. This is usually related to your work life, maybe a salary increase. There is no point in just standing still. You have to go after, to devote yourself and improve yourself again and again. If not, this dream can end up lamenting for lost opportunities.

Dream about fake money

It is no longer a good dream. Dreaming of counterfeit money does not mean that you will be a victim of financial fraud, but that you have appreciated silly things and opinions from people who might not deserve so much consideration. Counterfeit money also has the potential to predict betrayal.

dream money interpretation

Dream about a rip of money

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. When you dream … Read the rest